Sunday, June 24, 2007

xth commandment

Remember the Xth commandment?

Ok, don’t be embarrassed; it says “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods” coming after not coveting the neighbour’s wife, one would expect that this commandment would be the easier to follow.

I thought so till, I happened to sit into the latest Honda Civic. Let me first clarify that D is often pissed when I say that she is my third love preceded by my bike and my car. Now I don’t know how many women will accept this (though I have the sneaky feeling that they may have similar experiences), I believe that I am not isolated among the men.

So I drool over gorgeous women, after all a thing of beauty is joy forever and any creator always will take delight in the appreciation of his works by true connoisseurs. I am one of those connoisseurs and when I see a gorgeous girl I appreciate the work of the Divine creator. Anyway coming back to the topic I drool whenever I see a beautiful car and I do it unabashedly.

So it happened that day when I saw the Civic and I promptly broke the commandment. I have coveted it to the point of feeling incredibly guilty about it. The dashboard of the car is like that of a small air craft and I saw the paddle shift gears and I still can’t forget it. I now know that a new Civic is probably a couple of years away after diligent saving and that is promising.

But meanwhile how do I go on without breaking the commandment repeatedly? My pal David came up with the solution and a most ingenuous one at that. Have you heard any commandment that states “Thou shalt not covet the dealer’s goods?” Now till that day I can always window shop (YUCK!!!!!) at the Honda dealership and covet to my hearts desire.

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Trinity said...

Cher, how much ever you say im your third love, your bike and car still stays outside the house in the carpark! and will never come inside your bedroom so now you know the order of precedence ;)

coming to the blog... the car or the bike or cellphone are all things we utilise for our convenience... so long as they serve the purpose of transporting you from one place it doest matter whether they have paddle shift gears or power windows! and so long as the mobiles help you communicate it does nt matter whether they have colour display, cameras and also play song! Purpose or Prestige?

so get your priorities right... and i know as you read this comment also its all going over your head, cant help it :} boys, men makes no difference, the male brain is wired in such a way! so happy coveting dealers goods ;)