Friday, June 29, 2007

SCS flashback

A good picture speaks a thousand words.

Go ahead and take a good look at the picture, it is a gem to be saved for at least one decade when these three characters will be found within one photo unless someone tries Photoshop.

Now that you have looked at the picture and have not got the 1000 words as yet, then let me add at least a few.

L to R

Rajesh aka “Thanni” (SCS 41) after his unending thirst while in Loyola College. Banish all thoughts that his thirst was for knowledge in that exalted environs or even a mundane thirst that can be quenched by H2O or tender coconut, this was the thirst for a higher spirit (s) that can be so uplifting that one will scarcely know what one is doing. Anyway Rajesh’s other claim to fame includes being a good cricket player, a great whistler and above all a reliable friend. You can bank on him in need and he will help you. Completely unassuming with a great sense of humour, he made college fun.

Currently Rajesh is in Toronto and is one step away from his Canadian PR with a Canadian accent to boot and romancing his to be Canadian bride. Eppadi iruntha ivan, ippadi aiyuttaan?

Neil Moses aka “Neil” (SCS 21) was missing during the first semester in college. And my earliest memories of Neil were from a trip to Alsa Mall with friends. Neil was facing the door with a girl before him and when he saw me, both of us realized that we had seen each other but did not realize who we were. Anyway after that meeting Neil became yet another great friend who made college life rock.
What is special about Neil? He is a black belt expert and chief trainer now, but during college was a Black belt second Dan of the Shito Ryu style of Karate and heir apparent to his dad the legend Mr. Moses Thilak himself. If you believe in calling hot-tempered people having a short fuse, then Neil’s fuse would be microscopic!!! Ever the ladies man, Neil could charm women with maddening ease. Despite many girlfriends he remained constant. An ever reliable friend, who never hesitated to spend time, money or resources on his friends and a great guy to hang out with.
To Neil goes the credit of teaching me spatial awareness, direction finding and the ability of finding my way wherever I go. He also induced the joy of late night drives early on when his car would be the best form of relaxation in the days gone by. Our escapades together in the endeavour to find new and unexplored roads in Chennai would befit one long post.

Currently Neil is based in Delhi working in PNB as an IT officer (In case you may wonder it is Information Technology and not Income Tax) and also handling the karate infrastructure that is spread across the country. He is also the chief trainer of karate instructors around the country and is a most eligible bachelor.

Clement aka (well actually it depends on who you ask) (SCS 42) TO KNOW ABOUT ME , READ MY BLOG!

Currently I am writing this blog.

PS: We were from the SCS batch of BSc Computer Science students from Loyola College, class of 1996


Trinity said...

Three Muskateers... thats what im reminded of when i see this picture but i know there are more to the jing bang group...Cuddos to your evergreen friendship, i saw it alive when all three met at the airport, from different walks of life and after donkeys years! they still spoke like they were in college. God Bless.

Neil said...

Great picture... Don't know when we can have another like that (me with frenchy, rajesh in central...)
Instances of us doing group study (of nature,roads,beaches) are not highlighted...
moreover i am off the bachelor list and now its like back to college days (single but not avaliable)...