Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random ramblings of the jobless

534, 535, 536 its just me counting the number of screws in the furniture in my office. I know you may be jealous when you hear that I’M JOBLESS!!!

Let me first clarify, I have not joined the millions of unemployed Indians as yet, I have submitted my resignation to ABN AMRO and am serving out the mandatory 30 days notice period. I have one offer letter on hand as of today and am expecting one more. Now the offer on hand is from a typical “Marwari” company and has all the usual “frills and flounces”. The expected offer is an unknown from a startup, so it holds a lot of promise.

Anyway coming back to the cause for this post, I have been so bored doing absolutely nothing in office that I read 4 business newspapers, check 3 email accounts, scrap friends and strangers alike on orkut, make a few long phone calls and still find that despite blowing up lots of office money I just don’t seem to kill enough time and so you will understand the screws. At number 536 I suddenly remembered the wonderful world of blogging and here we are.

It has been awhile since my last post and this was due to various problems that culminated in my resignation letter and I was also a victim of the dreaded disease called “sloth”. Since I have exhausted the screws I think that I will start blogging again.


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