Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Staying married - The day after

This is the final post of a three part series about my wedding and the days that followed.
Since the wedding and the reception took up too much space, I’m just going to give a timeline of events as they happened since the wedding.

v Jan 23rd – My brother Daniel Dilip Williams got engaged to Shobitha Marina Roche.

v Jan 24th – “Thali changing ceremony” at Div’s place (to the ignoramus among you, this is an event where the thali made of thread is changed to a gold chain, don’t ask me why, I just watched with lot of amusement at the tamsha that happened that day)

v Jan 27th – My darling sis (inlaw) got her degree at her convocation

v Jan 28th – My best pal from KG, Prasanna got married (we joined KG together and got married same week!!!!)

v Jan 29th – My pal LLB from my MBA class got himself engaged

v Jan 30th - We flew to Delhi by the Air Deccan morning flight to kick offthe honeymoon
The day was spent wandering around Delhi spending time at Rajpath, Rashtrapathi Bhavan and Red fort

v Jan 31st -We boarded the HPTDC bus to Manali in the evening after lazing around the entire day. The bus journey was 14 hours

v Feb 1st -We arrived in Manali and checked in to the Hadimba cottage of HPTDC

v Feb 2nd – 4th Sightseeing in and around Manali in a local cab

From snow slopes to sulphur springs, and locales which passed of as Kashmir in Mani Ratnam’s Roja we saw it all. It was almost a semi pilgrimage with temple after temple taking most of our time. The notable feature among these temples was the intricate carvings in wood that adorned every available space in them.
Before I forget in one of these hot springs was a public bath where people bathed butt naked (one of my friends favourite phrase),so enterprising people can get a lot of eye candy if they wanted to. I passed the option. By the way this was my second encounter with snow after my college trip to Nainital and Manali really rocks!!!

v Feb 5th – Lazing around the entire day

v Feb 6th – Departure from Manali in the evening after still more lazing

v Feb 7th – Arrival in Delhi and shopping in the evening

v Feb 8th – Departure from Delhi by flight (Air Deccan again)

v Feb 9th – BACK TO OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you know why I didn’t blog for a long time.


trinity said...

hey da you still missed certain things.......

Oxymoron said...

u 'sound' tired!!! and the back to office was so happy!! its been a hectic few months i can see!

rmsatur said...

Omigosh! what a saga....u can scare people off. Btw, how's married life so far?