Friday, March 02, 2007

Staying married - The Reception

The Reception

The reception was to have commenced at 6.30 we made it to the hall by 6.45. We walked into the hall (hand in hand) but surprisingly there was no reception committee to meet us!

Both sets of parents were frantically running about with a major crisis on hand. The caterer who was to have reached by 5.30 PM was nowhere in sight and phone calls to him revealed that he was stuck in traffic on the way. Now anybody who has been in marketing or knows somebody in marketing will know that “stuck in traffic on the way” is an euphemism for “yet to start from point of origin”. So anyway while the parents of Divia were frantically trying to call the caterer and try all means of cajoling and threats to somehow speed up his arrival my folks had their hand full with restraining the impatient crowd who simply could not wait to eat and scoot!!! I ask you why do people get so hungry at a wedding when it is only 7 PM?

So anyway thoroughly orphaned (momentarily that is) we went to the dais where David who doubled up as the MC for the evening told us about the crisis on hand. His brief was to exceed the brief. Actually he was told to forget his prepared speeches and drag the event till the food arrived. So he began wisecracking (it’s his forte, you should hear him in full flow) and set the evening rolling. We had the cake cutting preceded by the customary prayer and blessing of course. Incidentally this blessing was by yet another priest uncle accompanied by a nun aunt of Divia, despite running it over the video a few times and in my mind many times I could not figure out what this uncle prayed. Then the decorator goofed up yet again (for his earlier goof up, read the wedding post). The heart shaped carton holding the petals that was suspended above the cake simply refused to open and shower the happy couple with petals. My darling sis-in-law tugged the ribbon and was rewarded with the ribbon in her hand and nothing else. My friends saved the day with a can of snow spray. I dutifully gave a piece of cake to Divia’s mum and dad and she reciprocated to my folks.

Then we had the big slide show (JP finally managed to complete it and made a super PPT). The audience was treated to our life stories in photographs. The entire period was shown to all who cared to see, right from diaper snaps, school days, adolescence, college and the present. People who saw it appreciated the idea and the PPT managed to keep the restless audience quiet. By now the food had arrived and I rose to respond to the toast extended by another uncle of Divia. Incidentally he fell from David’s good books by keeping his brief, er I meant keeping his toast brief despite being forewarned to do otherwise.

I thanked everyone from God, parents, in-laws, outlaws, friends, caterers, light men, cameramen, decorators (even him), drivers, relatives and anyone else who came to mind. And yes if you were wondering about the outlaws they were my friends who actually broke down my hostel room door in Pondicherry and whose pictured was captured for posterity on film and shown on the PPT. I managed to thank everyone and then without warning we were mobbed!

The next few hours passed by in a blur with a huge train of people meeting, talking, posing and scooting. So I met loads of people, known and unknown and patiently posed with them all. Some how I managed to sport something that was a mix between a smile, a smirk and a grimace on my face throughout. As the evening progressed the latter took precedence over the smile. My photographer exceeded his limit by 3 reels and an approximate count of guests revealed that we had 1200 guests. So after much posing and disposing the evening finally came to an end.

Hungrily we (D & I) staggered into the dining room for food which was highly praised by the guests. The biriyani was simply outstanding and I had a great dinner. We also had chilli chicken and some other chicken. The food was really good and kudos to my in laws for a super show.
The last event was to be packed off to my in laws place for a new beginning, but that is another post!!!!!

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Oxymoron said...

lol!! Good one jollyroger! What is an occasion without a few hitches and delays?! The caterer, the decorator and the petals that never showered(!!) will all help to make this day more unforgettable and in years to come, you and divs will laugh fondly at these memories! Better than having a perfect, boring wedding and reception!