Thursday, January 11, 2007

I do

It’s been more than a week and I have not posted anything, so it means that either I’m suffering from writer’s block or nothing much of note has happened or I’ve been busy.

Take your pick and though there is no clear winner, the entire above mentioned have kept me away from Blogger.

I managed to sneak a few minutes from work to pen this. Bells are ringing in the distance, not alarm bells (at least not yet!!!!), but wedding bells and what seemed so far away in the horizon is getting closer. A glance at the calendar tells me that it is only 10 days to D-day. Actually a colleague jolted me out of my near reverie when he said what in creation was keeping me at work when the wedding is only 10 days ahead.

Actually it still is yet to sink in. I don’t know when I’m going to wake up screaming, but when it does, hope I don’t scare anyone.

So much is done, but still new things keep coming up. And don’t know when my next post will come. But wish me luck.

Hey just something for the singles to think about…..

What is the shortest sentence in the English Dictionary, but the longest sentence of your life?

"I do."


trinity said...

and you are true it still has nt sunk in that we going to be together...for life?!

anywayz you are sure going to enjoy it why frighten others.....


Oxymoron said...

LOL!! 'I DO'!! so true!