Thursday, January 18, 2007

Still getting married

It's that time when realization hits you and you wake up screaming, "Hey, I'm getting married!!!". It is just 3 days away and still there is so much to do. I look more like a vagabond than a groom-in-waiting and am scaring quite a few people, who fear I may have a nervous breakdown!!! : )

Thanks to my friends I have been able to finish most of the work but a few big "projects" are on
 hold, hopefully I can do them asap. i did not know that inviting people could be so laborious, trust me its something that i would hopefully never do again atleast for another 25 years.

Ok got to run, but keep us in your prayers and wish us luck!



Jean said...

Hiya Clement!
Hang in there...
Just three days left for a new beginning!!
All the best!=)

chherish said...

Both of you are looking so good and made for each other.
Praying to God for his blessings on u both, always.