Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy St. Cecilia's day!

 To all the choir singers and musicians of the world, a delayed St. Cecilia feast day greetings! Ok, to all those who couldn’t make sense of my greeting, St. Cecilia is honoured in the Catholic church as the patron saint of choir music and singing. The feast day falls on the 22nd of November.

I was fortunate to be invited to sing in the feast day mass at St. Theresa’s Church in Nungambakkam. I was told today that this is a big event in the St. Theresa’s calendar for several years now and many musicians and choir members from various places attend. It was a privilege for me to sing in the choir accompanied by a 40 member orchestra. The orchestra was replete with a host of wind and string instruments. It was indeed fortunate to listen to them play.

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A worthy point of note is that the orchestra was dominated by non Christians. A special song by a group of Koreans who live in Chennai in their native tongue made the statement music knows no languages or barriers come alive.

It is said that the hosts of heaven, make music and joyful noise to God who dwells on the praises of his people. A slice of heaven came down to earth and filled the walls of St. Theresa’s church.

Music is a gift of God and with immense satisfaction I joined the many faithful who today joyously gave back to God what they first received from Him.

Many songs were sung and the orchestra played several pieces too, but today on the feast of Christ the King, the song “Majesty” still rings in my ear and will do so for a long time.

Majesty, worship His majesty.
Unto Jesus be all glory, power and praise…..


chherish said...

Music knows no language. very true.
I have heard the chennai chapter of korean choir sing. Thanks to the Hyundai plant in chennai. It is such a treat to listen to them. The impact of a good musical evening is the peace that reigns in your heart for a long time.

trinity said...

The rain spalattering, the cuckoos singing, the silent breeze in the open at a summer night, the babes babbling all these are also music to the almighty and they know no language... so who ever admires these can also wish themselves happy Cecilya's feast