Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting married (Cotd)

Suit your self!

Hi! It’s been sometime since my last post, 4 days almost I think. So let me start. I had spent some time last week checking out various suits for myself for the big day. I have been looking at the Indian suits for some time and I thought that it would be different from the conventional suits which I think many buy as an after thought or for dual purpose like office or in extreme circumstances a black tie dinner or horror of horrors a funeral!

None of that for me, I want a suit that will be different and trendy at the same time. This is a special day and I don’t want to look like the caterers!!! Anyway I checked out Shoppers Stop, the collection there was terrible to say the least. I was disappointed as the last time (a year or so ago) my dad had got me and my brother suits from there that rivaled the groom of the wedding we wore it to. They were fabulous; sadly their current offering looked like something left behind after a jumble sale. The shop assistant told me rather unconvincingly that new stocks will arrive in the future.

Then on Friday I think, D and me went to T. Nagar to a shop in Challa Mall, you may not know the shopping complex by name, and many don’t but its bang opposite Globus. Anyway this complex has a shop that caters to suits and they have quite a wide selection. They are northies and they have a good Indian suit range you know the sherwanis, kurtas, jodhpurs, bandhgalas etc. These give a trendy and ethnic look at the same time they tend to make the groom look like the groom.

So we happened to see the range and I was sufficiently impressed by the colours on show. I must now interrupt this to mention that I have been medically diagnosed as unable to discern between similar shades. That is two different shades of the same colour will seem the same to me. And above all to me only the basic colours are colours and I do not have the same enthusiasm as D or others of her ilk have for the wildest colours invented. I never knew that there was a colour called PEPPERMINT GREEN, since my kindergarten days I have known that peppermints or “strong mittais” were always white. Likewise peach is a fruit. To me red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, black, white, maroon and brown are the only colours all others are the same! So girls spare me.

Anyway D has got a fixation on a black suit with silver trimmings and an orange vest. I know it sounds like a Ramarajan outfit, but it is good and yes D will not call it orange, it is something else. It looks really good and I would not hesitate to wear it. But there are so many more and I have decided to finish my suiting quest there. I think that on the wedding day I will deserve a second look because of what I wear. Clothes make a man, i attest to it!

You are invited to come and see the results on the D-day!

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hey the suit with orange waist coat has orange cuff respectively for the silver...