Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogging is fun

How do you blog so much?

I have heard this question from those who happen to read my posts. Their curiosity rises from the fact that I have posted a few topics of late mostly during office hours. They have assumed that either I have absolutely no work at office or I am not doing any work.

Actually I have work and I blog in between work. I’m quite thankful to have discovered the world of blogging. It is really a mode of relaxation when work can really be tiring. To those who have known me and have seen me over the years, it will be obvious that I can be very opinionated (who is not?) and I can be a little more opinionated that others. So I tend to speak out my opinions to all and sundry. This may not be a good thing to do at work especially at my bank where loose talk is sacrilege in their code of conduct. The bank is a highly secretive organization that prides itself on data security and client confidentiality. So generally loose talk or idle gossip is avoided.

To people like me, blogging is the best answer. I can post my opinions, I don’t have to bother who listens and good netizens will tell me their comments. So I blog. But if you wonder how I manage to do it during work, its quite simple actually. I just keep a word file open when I start work and I keep filling up the page in between work. Voila in a few minutes or hours I have a blog. I just login and post. Simple.

Sometimes when my creative juices flow I complete a post at a stretch other times I take longer. But trying to come back to an earlier line of thought after repeated interruptions is enjoyable and when the coherence is still there it is a good post. This post in fact came about during my lunch break time.

Try blogging, its fun. I enjoy it, hope you do too. And remember your manners, if you have read this, do not just go by without leaving your comments.



B. M. Lee said...

You're right. Blogging is relaxing. I come up with my ideas while I'm just sitting at my computer at home.

I come home from work, start reading stuff on the internet, come up with an idea and blog it.

As far as your last sentance goes, I want people to leave comments too.

I have never read your blog before this so don't think that I just sit and read it and don't leave comments (did that make sense?).

I like your blog. Thank you,
B. M. Lee

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree less! Blogging is fun like no other! Its amazing how things happen in my life and suddenly my mind goes " I 'have' to blog this!" And its a great way of keeping my pals informed about the ups and downs in my life!
Keep blogging clement! Ur good!

trinity said...

hey ya i too have to learn to do this coz you rightly said the otherday when i was ranting and raving about my collueges behavior... its better for me to blog and vent out my angst rather than confide with someone and make it a one BIG gossip!

chherish said...

Blogging is a safe way of venting anger. fine, i agree. but if i took to blogging i am afraid i would take it up fully and leave all other work. Since i cant afford to do that, i will just stick to commenting.