Thursday, November 09, 2006

Honeymoon anyone????

The wedding bells are ringing loud and clear in my bank. One of my colleagues has just returned married and he is going on a cruise to celebrate it courtesy his father in law. There are atleast 3 eligible young men (including yours truly) who are awaiting their turns.

The most common question that we face is "where are you going for your honeymoon"? My instant retort would be "somewhere unreachable", but since decorum prevents it, I manage with "some hill station". I do not have the slightest plan of revealing my whereabouts to my colleagues. Anyway I have observed with some enthusiasm my colleague who sits in the adjacent workspace feverishly browsing various travel packages for his honeymoon. I believe he has settled on the road much travelled and is heading to Goa.

Me, I’m keeping my plans a secret. I do not want to go to any run of the mill places and as leave is scarce I cannot afford extended an extended break. Also I will be funding the trip so I am a little conscious of what it is going to cost me. So I have a few options to consider. D is really fond of the Andamans and is keen to go there. She has made two trips there on work and is really looking forward to explore one of the most beautiful locations in India at leisure. So the islands are foremost on my travel plans and they are followed by two hill stations which will remain unnamed.

Anyway all the talk of honeymoon made me wonder how this term come about. A quick visit to the net and wikipedia gave this answer:

"A honeymoon is the traditional trip taken by newly weds to celebrate their marriage. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in places that are secluded, exotic, warm, or otherwise considered special and romantic. A recent trend among couples is to combine the wedding and honeymoon into one experience or substitute one for another."(Hmmm very interesting to say the least …..)

So how exactly did this term come about?
Again wiki came to the rescue
The Oxford English Dictionary offers no etymology at all, but dates the word back to the 16th century:
"The first month after marriage, when there is nothing but tenderness and pleasure" (Samuel Johnson); originally having no reference to the period of a month, but comparing the mutual affection of newly-married persons to the changing moon which is no sooner full than it begins to wane; now, usually, the holiday spent together by a newly-married couple, before settling down at home.

That is indeed inspiring but what must be noted is that all good things come to an end and so will all honeymoons. The challenge lies in realizing that the honeymoon is not a fools paradise and that the aftermath is the beginning of life. Remember that the waxing and waning of the moon is a continous process and has been going on for millions of years and will continue do so, love cannot afford to do the same. You just don’t love more during the honeymoon and progressively decrease when you encounter life hoping that you will love more again in the future.

I believe that life can be one long honeymoon but it depends on the liver (not the organ). It is the call to love and love under trying circumstances. Yes things will not be good always and life is not always be a bed of roses. Life will throw its ups and downs and will take the liver through an emotional rollercoaster but the challenge is to treat both the same. A true honeymoon is that personal space the loved ones spend together that is insulated from the pressures of the world by the love they have for each other. It may be a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime. It can be at home, in the car, a walk in the park, in short anywhere.You don’t need exotic locations or major plans, you just need each other.

So I look forward to the start of life and I hope to make my life a long honeymoon with lots of help from D for I know that Love hopes all things, bears all things, endures all things.


trinity said...

hey not very coherent but can understand you written it in your work place..cuddos sweetheart
and i will help to make our lives a longer honeymoon :P

Gem said...

well its true honey moon is not in some different place..its between 2 people ,who needs some space and no people dont have to tell the rest of the world, where u spend ur honey moon...Its between u place would make it more exciting and colder places...much better which would inflame those...2 cold bodies with their passionate love..I still feel I am in my honey moon period..oooh hahha

The Pseudonym said...

Hey Honeymoon is actually from an irish word. Mi na meala which means "Month of Honey." It is sort of a blessing to the newly married couple that they drink mead on their wedding and an entire month (by moon cycle)after that.