Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday morning blues!

Have you suffered from Monday morning blues? (Actually I would prefer not calling it blues, maybe Monday morning sickness; I love blue so the nomenclature.) Anyway coming back to my initial question, if your answer happens to be a YES, welcome to the club.

Nothing gives me greater discomfort than to get out of bed to get ready for another week of work, well maybe the onerous task of getting up early to go to the gym. (But that is worth another post altogether!). In school I swore to myself that things will get better in college, I said the same thing in college and now after 5 years of work I find that I’m no better than my school days.

Inexplicably I tend to feel the tiredest (if that word exists) on a Monday morning. Its not that I hate work, far from it, it’s just that the weekend has so many good things to offer that the end is so painful to accept. In school or college with a five day week Fridays will be the most anticipated day as it was the prelude to a great weekend. Work weeks generally extend to Saturday and so needless to say Saturday rocks!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t party and paint the town red on Saturdays and chill out on Sundays, my weekend schedule would be quite the contrary. If I manage to get home by Saturday afternoon it means a siesta for an hour followed by the net or the idiot box. Then a choir practice and afterwards hanging out with the choir members would exhaust most of the useful time on a Saturday evening. Then a dinner at home or outside followed by a long drive for desert, rounds off my Saturday evening at around 1 AM.

To the party animals this must be boring, but for several years now I unwind thus. I have been tempted on several occasions to hit the party circuit but I have always declined for a couple of reasons. One, when I was studying I felt that it was a cardinal waste of money to blow up my father’s hard earned money on a party or at the disco. Two, you cannot stag in the night spots in Chennai and I want to party with people I like, so the catch 22 situation arises where the people I like don’t party (actually they wont get permission from their parents) and the people(Hey read the people to mean girls! ; ) ) who party and are known to me, I don’t like. Third, as I’m allergic to smoke and don’t smoke or drink such claustrophobic places make me freak out.

With a long Saturday completed the last day of the weekend dawns late. You don’t expect me to wake up early after sleeping at 2 AM do you? A breakfast that invariably becomes Appams (hoppers if you insist) with chicken curry, stew actually that my mum lovingly makes as the "weekend special" starts off a lazy morning spent lounging on the sofa with the newspaper and the idiot box. Two points of note; one, I have a trace of Malayalee blood and that contributes to my weekly appam diet with stew, two, with the advent of neighbourhood newspapers distributed free I have lots to read, not to mention i get more money from the paper wallah at the month end.

Lunch on a Sunday is a highlight of the weekend, its one meal when the entire family can sit down and eat together on most Sundays. But if you note "the most" in the earlier sentence the exceptions would be caused by either mum or me out on some church work . Lunch follows yet another delightful siesta, then a quick bath and dash to church. On Sundays where there is no extra choir practice this would be around 5 else an hour earlier. The holy mass is followed by the weekly youth fellowship; I am in the last few days of my youth membership. Post nuptials I become ineligible to be a youth and will have to retire! (sad!).Then some bonding with friends over chaat and somehow the weekend conspires to end itself rather prematurely. A leisurely dinner followed by a drive on some days rounds off yet another weekend. I end the day tired out. It is ironical that my weekend tires me out more than my average working weekday and it does so every Sunday with unfailing regularity.

Now after such a lengthy post do you realize why I wake up with a MMS (cool na?) Monday Morning Sickness. I have to contend with sales figures, business targets, irate customers, harassed suppliers, exerted bosses, traffic jams, lunch breaks, tea breaks, coffee breaks, mails, faxes, phone calls, mobile calls, deadlines, memos, meeting, teleconferences, still more meetings, reviews, attendance, online tutorials …….

MMS hits you hard on Monday mornings but mum calls and says that its late and breakfast is waiting. Realization dawns like a flash of light that for my breakfast to be on my table tomorrow and the days ahead I need to meet and take on many more MMS every time. I’m sure that I will suffer from MMS even post retirement when it should happen. However I suspect then it would be a case of acute boredom of not having anything to do till the next weekend.

The cursory glance at the desktop calendar shows another 5 days to go. Ouch!!!! But on the brighter side, today is half done and Tuesday is a lean day at work. Wednesday is a midpoint and from then on it’s all downhill.

Weekend here I come!


rmsatur said...

uh oh, this doesn't make me feel better. i hate mondays!i guess i can imagine where the word 'mundane' came from :-(

chherish said...

In school i always looked forward to mondays and hated fridays. Same in college. I come from a family where people (read girls) are not allowed to freak out on weekends. So i'd rather have a good time with my friends in school or college than doing nothing at home.

After starting work, i used spend my weekend in shopping and church and youth fellowship and good food. To me they were all the same. still no reservations about weekday or weekend.

Post marriage, weekend would be spent in doing household chores like cooking and cleaning, visit to mother's house, in-laws' house and so on. Sunday evening just crash onto la la land.

With Cherish, Saturday morning means packing the whole house for her and reaching my mother's house at noon and Sunday afternoon means start packing all over again and reach my house in the evening. In between time is spent in doing my mother's chores, remember, she is supposedly looking after my daughter.

Anyday Weekends are more busy and bugging than weekdays. Nothing better than a monday to come back to normal life!

trinity said...

not like i hate any day like you said its a lil' difficult to start on a monday, but my favourite day was wednesday for all throughout my schooling this day used to have singing classes, needle work classes,library classes, physical training classes.. and so on
which means no studying :)so that was my big day and it was closer to fridays too...
but i guess ill soon have change over and lets wait and see..