Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Art of Kissing

Ok, now that you have seen the title and have decided to follow your curiosity this post is about kissing. I have joined a community called The Art of Kissing in Orkut in addition to French kiss community. The French Kiss is probably the most valuable contribution from France and it is probably their biggest ever export of all times! Ok let me assure you before hand that this post is not related to the fact that I’m engaged.

Those who practice the art of kissing, those who kiss, have been kissed or have gaped when others kiss or just yearn for that kiss will all testify that a kiss is one of the most intimate expression of love. I do testify. : ) You may be aware that where you kiss a person shows different emotions. The hands, cheek, forehead, neck, lips… they all tell different stories.

Anyway we have now established an already accepted fact that a kiss is special and it is a sure way of expressing your love. So do we kiss often? More specifically do we kiss the people we love? Do we take the trouble to them that we love them?

Very often we tend to miss out expressing our love for our loved ones for myriad reasons, if you have missed out, I urge you to go ahead. Tomorrow may be too late.

Having said that, have we ever attempted to kiss God? We say we love Him, but have we ever tried to show Him our love? I do. You make think it very silly, but when ever I feel good about myself or feel grateful for His graces of late I tend to blow a kiss in the air towards heaven. (You know, it’s called a flying kiss). It’s my shortest and sweetest thanksgiving prayer. When I feel like saying to God, I Love You and Thank You, I just send a flying kiss heaven wards. I believe that it reaches Him and he looks down on me with love and accepts my kiss.

Today, I’m really tired, had a long day with a mix of official and personal work but I finally got a little time to pray. My work is all done and I’m leaving home so as I wind up this post, I feel good so God UMMMAA, this is for you!

Try it!


trinity said...

A kiss is no doubt and expression of love be it man or GOD but finishing you prayer quota for the day with a kiss is not a nice thing to do ...its a relationship to be built and lived everyday... so find short cuts baby...

Anonymous said...

So much talking about kissing....I miss my boy now :(
Anyways, like u were talking about kissing God, i remember kissing an old sacred heart of jesus pic that used to adorn my room,anytime I was joyful!!i know kissing a representation is not the same as kissing Him, but still, it used to come from deep within!

Princess Stefania said...

Strangely though, the French call it the English Kiss.
Nice post.