Thursday, October 05, 2006

R.I.P - Me

I am seriously considering publishing my obituary (when I'm still alive) in the leading dailies and see the reactions it causes. A man is truly wealthy if he is sorely missed by atleast 4 people who are not related to him by birth. I want to know how rich I really am.

I know for sure that my family will shed tears and they will miss me (hopefully) but I wonder how many of my friends and other neighbours I have truly touched. It is ironical that we save up all the compliments pertaining to a person till the funeral, how many times we have refrained from giving it to the person concerned when he was still there with us.

I remember the scene when we had gathered to bid farewell to a cose frien who passed away under very tragic circumstances in the prime of his youth, where I realized what an amazing person he was. It was a truly humbling experience to realize that my friend though not the best of men as per conventinal standards was in fact a true gem among commoners, for he had made a profound impact on so many.

It is scary to think, if I have lived my life in such a way that I have drawn people to me purely out of love and made a success of it. I would love to die to find out and so we return to the start of this post again.....


harlequin said...

yeah, it would be nice to find out whom we have touched.. but i dont think ill be willing to die for it! thanks for ur comment in my page, by the way..

chherish said...

I have always maintained that anybody would be missed on their death. people will miss me too when i am dead. i know for sure, so i dont want to die just to find out.
When i die i want people to miss me. i dont want them to find another replacement for me. well, just try and see if u can... Hmmm i know u cant!