Monday, October 23, 2006

Festival follies

How do you explain the callous indifference of some people? It was on the night of Deepavali, after a long day at our church (we were having the festival of the patron saint of the church on the same day) I was retiring for the night. It was a thoroughly satisfying and strenuous day so my bed was so inviting and I tried to sleep.

My reverie was interrupted by D who called for our customary night call that stretches for an hour on an average; we find enough to talk and  burn the networks and keep Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal happy on the regular revenues we provide. Coming back to the topic my sleep talk was interrupted by some fireworks that were bright and beautiful. As the curfew of 10 PM was already crossed I thought that these may be the last for the night. I was sadly mistaken as for  the next half an hour I was rudely jolted by the loudest crackers possible, it was already past 11 PM.

I was jolted out of my slumber and irritated to the core by this disturbance, I went to the house whose occupants (they seem to have originated from the north of the Vindhyas) were making all the noise. The entire extended family had assembled on the road in their best clothes and dazzling jewellery. The patriarch a respectable looking old man was overlooking his merrymaking flock at the late hour.

Keeping my temper under check I asked the relic if he was aware of the time they were making this unwelcome racket, apparently none of them had a watch or none of them bothered to check the time. So I patiently told them that the party was over, it was beyond curfew and they can wind up.

The relic was not too happy at being interrupted by me nor were any of his flock, they gave me a disdainful look and went about their work. That was it! I let them listen to my choicest verbal abuse, I reminded the relic his responsibilities and also how they were going against the law. I told them that they should celebrate their festival with the goodwill and blessings of their friends and family while now they were getting the curses of so many disturbed souls.

Stung to the core the relic agreed to shut down and I retraced my steps home, hardly had I gone a few feet when one of the kids set off a 1000 wala. I waited till the explosions stopped before I let my verbal abuse fly at them. This time I did not hold back or think about decorum or decency. The threat of a police complaint finally made them realize that I meant business and they wound up their show and went it.

My question is, so many people were subjected to this harassment by these mindless goons yet they choose to silently endure. Why do we get scared from claiming our right? Our right to a peaceful undisturbed sleep has been granted by the courts. Yet we endure such misdeeds in silence. We all suffer from the “Why me” syndrome, don’t you realize you morons, if you sit on your backside, you loose. I got up from my bed and went and fought for my right to sleep in peace, the result, I got peace for the entire block. If every one of us gets conscious of his / her rights and claims them, the eventualities are mind boggling.

Think about it!



chherish said...

I am really proud of you to have given them your piece of mind. well, what i would have done is set up the next 1000 wala inside their house. that would have been the best lesson for the whole flock.

trinity said...

me very proud of you for being proacive