Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Love in the hospital

Hi! When you go out with your fiancée you would probably go the normal hangouts like coffee shops, cinemas, beach etc. I have been to a few of the above mentioned (the cinema plan kept backfiring every time) and have gone on long drives several times. I must add that these drives will possibly tell a lay observer how I tend to drift at times.
Anyway coming back to the current topic, I find that the most eventful hangouts for me are visits to the Doc with her. Now don’t get any funny ideas, it just so happens that my dearly beloved is very fragile physically and some how contrives to injure herself. At this juncture I have to admit her first visit to a bone specialist was necessitated by me, when my attempt to hold her hand lovingly somehow became a painful event that resulted into a swollen ring finger of the left hand. My dearly beloved also has this irritating habit of self medication and postponed visiting the doc till it became a necessity. So started my periodic visits. Oh we bonded so well during the visits, chivalry just oozes out from the manly race when the fair damsel is in distress, and you will not know how effective a comforting shoulder can be when some one is in pain. So few painful visits and comforting shoulders later, mademoiselle again contrived to inexplicably fall down and hurt herself without any external stimulus. And yet again she deferred the visit to the doc till the point of unbearable pain. Then she visits a "specialist" from a branded "Bone & Joint specializing” hospital. Their competencies made me wonder if they know their business for they seemed very clueless to a lot of things. Anyway after a couple of visits and burning money on visits and medications (her dad grumbled at the bills as they are still on his account!) later without any noticeable improvements the light dawned on her that a visit to the good old bone doctor who treated her was inevitable. So we have started the visits, the doctor in question has a fond desire to see his patients daily ( I suspect he gets bored otherwise) so it is now a daily activity that has altered my working calendar. But I'm not complaining, this is what love is all about. I'm sure that she will do the same for me any day and it is sure fun, if we ignore the pain. You should try it, holding the hand of the invalid, taking care of her and being a dutiful husband in waiting. At the end of it all the loving look which she gives you speaks a million unspoken words that are priceless.

Hmmmm looks like its time for me, oops our next appointment. See you soon.


trinity said...

now thats what i call Chilvary you can do the same with yur mom by helping her carry the packets that she brings from the vegetable market ..... your office colleuge can be helped to pick the bunch of report sheets which he/she dropped while hurrying to the presentation .....offer seats to elderly people in the bus .... a virtue which is slowly dying which, when practised widely will bring heaven on earth...
and all this gushes from the never drying fountain of LOVE
and i love you my sweetheart

Anonymous said...

Jollyroger!! Congratulations! And please do not be the cause of me jumping out of the window out of sheer frustration and curiosity!! So who is this lovely lady who managed to capture ur heart?!