Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Talk show(s) ignorance

Hi, just the other day I happened to see the trailer of yet another talk show on one of the vernacular TV channels. This had a bunch of people divided about the issue of women’s clothing or more specifically the current trend of immodest dressing of women.

The trailer was enough for me to change channels and I was fortunate to escape from the slow torture of listening to certain idiots discuss an “earth shattering” topic with the eagerness of monkeys over a bunch of bananas.

I do feel that a good talk show that is unbiased, not stage managed and has a good panel of speakers will definitely throw valuable insights into topics of importance and value, and I do watch a notable talk show of a currently famous female TV journalist. Anyway before I wander from the topic on hand this post was inspired by D, who endured through the talk show and chose to update me on the same.

So the airtime was devoted to talking about rising hem lines and plunging necklines, but will these people have so much enthusiasm to talk about the BPL or below poverty line people in our cities? So let’s just jump into the topic, apparently (lot of info is from a secondary source thankfully as I was fortunate enough to skip the show) a few moral crusaders objected to women and young girls dressing in skimpy and provocative clothes and how such behavior is non conforming to our culture and ethos and how such people would corrupt the minds of the youth. YAWN!!!!

The girl brigade that was in favour of such clothing launched a spirited counter attack on how they knew what they were doing and they had no need for such moral policing. The jibes and counter jibes were thrown back and forth. It was painful to hear certain women condemning their own ilk for such scandalous attire.

Without wasting too much time on the events let me just take the privilege to make my observations:

Clothing is a personal issue and I would not like to be lectured by anybody about what I wear by anyone who has no bearing on me and I assume so would most women
I buy clothes with my hard earned money or wear clothes bought by my parents of their hard earned money; if you want me to change what I wear then you better buy me the same. Ladies if the moral police are so generous and well being then I recommend you go along, you will surely build up a new wardrobe for free
If the girl, her parents, her spouse find the attire acceptable then there is no justification for anyone else to differ in their opinion, if they do they can just take a hike to cool off.
I do not think that the crime rate against women will go parallel to their clothi g sensibilities and so this idea that provocative clothing instigates eve teasing and assault on women is a crude excuse to justify the carnal instincts in some men. Veiled women are equally vulnerable to sexual assault as a woman in a strap top.
We have dress codes for different places and while some are appropriate some border on ridicule, the dictats of the current VC of Anna University are worthy of mention

Personally I believe our women have their own reason and sensibilities and they know what is right and wrong. They are able to balance home, work, study and so many more and are becoming successes in all. Surely they will know how to balance their attire.

A notable point of mention to one topic of the TV debate where a girl queried about the status of the underprivileged who are naked for want of clothes who abound in our cities will the moral brigade even lift their finger to do anything about it? Will the moral brigade advocate strict punishments for perpetrators of crime against women? I believe that the death penalty could be a strong deterrent against such crimes.
I am reminded of a hard hitting dialogue in a recent Tamil movie where the hero remarks the killer of a deer goes to prison while killers of men go scot free….

With reference to my earlier posts if you cannot do something about the problem SHUT UP! Don’t be a pain in the ass for others who are trying to solve it.

And also it is my opinion that most of the men and women who came on the show are victims of sour grapes, the women who they know will never wear such clothes (some women are plain jealous they cant wear them ) so such clothes are bad because it itches them so much when their neighbour wears it! : )


shreya said...


harlequin said...

hear, hear!!
thou hast inspired me n i shalt blog my own blog on the matter next week.
wish more guys felt the way u do.

chherish said...

someone once told me, 'If you have it, flaunt it'.
That someone's idea was:
Guys like attractive girls. Girls dress up for guys. So girls, come out of the mould and dress up or rather dress down, whichever would be attractive.

I do agree with the above idea with my reservations. Carrying your self with the right attitude and confidence and blah blah is okay but the 'right place' is very very important.

Women, we are not walking on the ramp when we goto college or work. Does anyone agree that we can wear clothes that is showcased on an indian ramp??? leave alone FTV. Ideally speaking, just ideally ok, when i goto college, i dress so that girls ask me where i picked up that dress. when i goto work, i make sure it doesnt distract anybody's work. When i go out with my husband, i dress attractively. i dare not wear sleveless clothes when i travel in MTC bus. i dare not wear attractive clothes when my in-laws are coming home. I think i know my place!

Gem said...

ya i agree with cherrish....women knows to balance their roles and hence they shud be knowing even how to dress.We may mock the westerners in our dressing...but we are unaware of the people whom we come in contact .. who watch with those cheap rated...eyes ...are not with the same western attitude..THEREFORE how we change our clothes to seasons..we also have to change accordingly even to the eplace and people...then u will avoid sleevless in mtc....wearing a plunged neck in front of ur MIL..:)