Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting married

Hi! It’s been awhile since I last posted, basically because I was in a training programme that kept me occupied for a couple of days, also there was nothing interesting going on.
So I just did not bother to post till now, I’m currently suffering from acute boredom that stems from long periods of lazing around. Well this is actually the most hectic part of the month at work, but as business has been dismal there is very little to do.

After long periods of twiddling my thumbs, I decided to write the events of the days gone by. The wedding process is just starting; the first task that confronts us is the buying of the wedding and the engagement sari for D. For those in the know, the engagement is scheduled the day before the D-day. Apparently the sari shopping is a big social event and it entails calling all the close family to get together and go on the mission of sari hunting. Accordingly the big day is fixed on the 18th of this month and our entourage will comprise a minimum of 3 aunts and possibly their respective spouses, plus both our families.

The shopping list currently includes 2 saris and some jewellery that we must gift the bride, so I have scary premonitions of our entourage trooping into one of the big sari showrooms in T. Nagar in the quest for the right sari. I have had bad experiences when two women go shopping together for saris; they never are able to make up their mind. A notable incident comes to my mind where two young women raided a silk sari store for the best part of two hours trying to find the perfect sari while chivalrous me maintained an angelic smile and endured the spectacle of a harassed shop assistant trying his best to maintain his composure. Finally these above mentioned damsels trooped out of the store victorious with a DOZEN GLASS BANGLES!!!!!! So I look forward to the coming shopping quest with a lot of dread.

My only consolation is that D knows my fondness for blue and I have dropped so many subtle hints to her that I will be thrilled with any colour as long as it is blue (Duly inspired by Henry Ford). So that would narrow down the choice of colours but still it is a worrying thought. What is more worrying is the icy atmosphere that threatens to cloud the group during this event. To those of you who know the story, relations are not very cordial between both families and my family is not fully reconciled to this wedding but as they say “Time is the great healer”, I hope that things will right themselves before Christmas.

Getting married has its own share of interesting happenings, it is fun to be in love, but the realization that honeymoons don’t last forever bring me down to earth with a thud. The act of marriage is the start of a new chapter in the book of life, till date I was responsible for my actions and was enjoying the consequences of the same, but soon I will be responsible for not just my actions but hers’ also and the consequences thereof. Responsibilities get doubled and you cannot afford to live the same happy go lucky life like before, but the joy of being married I guess will be enough compensation. Looking forward to it….

Wish me luck!!!!

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trinity said...

thngs will work for good dont worry be happy