Thursday, September 28, 2006

Traffic Traumas

I generally try not to get upset by trifles, but there is one thing that pisses me off no end, that is indiscipline on the road.

I take this very personally, I drive daily and every day one or more incidents of indiscipline or reckless driving drives me over the edge.

Chaos and lawlessness are the hallmarks of driving in India, but pause for a moment next time you encounter a traffic jam, more often than not the cause of this jam would be bad driving or law breakers who have used their stupidity to cause great discomfort to everyone around.

Is it not obvious that the traffic rules were not framed to humour the law makers but were made to facilitate order, progress and safety of everyone. Just pause for a moment and think if we do not bother to honour the convention of driving on one side of the road and drive as we please, would we reach our destination in one piece? Likewise if people start driving everywhere else but on the road can you imagine the consequences?

Yet depite the obvious fact we see lot of people driving as if they are on some private yard without the slightest modicum of decency or discipline. Jumping lanes, crossing the yellow line, crossing the stop line, jumping the red light, over speeding, even jaywalking and what not are progressively causing road rage to become a major health hazard to the common man.

It is downright frustrating to see educated , well dressed, decent, dignified people doing such outrageous crimes on the road. Do they not realize that not only are they exposing them to danger of life and limb, but they are also exposing their unsuspecting neighbours to the same risks?

My take on this is very simple, if an individual is not concerned about personal safety is willing to compromise on road rules or even worse break them so that he may reach his destination earlier has questionable integrity and value systems. Just consider this, if such an individual has no respect for self, then he cannot be expected to have respect for others too. What is more if he lacks personal integrity toself, then he will have very less integrity when it comes to other less important things like his job, his family etc.

To sign off, I emphasise... "Show me how you drive, I will tell you what kind of person you are"


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My first post and a new job

Hey I have started a new phase in my career, actually I joined my new employer ABN Amro Bank NV (must find out what that nv means) on sep 13th. It is so boring as i'm absolutely jobless, but since my predecessor had done a good job, we are doing very good numbers this month.

Heard my old company is doing pathetic this month.

It is so much fun to be engaged!!!! But it sucks to still do things on the sly as still both parents are yet to fully reconcile with the fact that mine is a love marriage. Actually my love story can be made into a good masala movie but that would deserve a seperate posting, I'm sure I will post it one day soon.

So this is my first blog and I'm still learning the ropes, I will post more soon.