Friday, April 07, 2017

A rambling random post inspired by traffic

Body language is such a crucial part of communication which is often ignored or not given its rightful due. This post is about few body language signals that are seen on the roads of the city and their interpretations, for easy understanding some common examples are also given.

The “my way or the high way type”: This is when you see a motorist who decides to cut in irrespective of the traffic lights, vehicles, lanes etc. This is exhibited by a simple nod of the head with an Up Down motion. You are free to interpret as you please but the common interpretation is “I am coming in and you can do what you please”. This behaviour can be understood by remembering the VIPs in their beacon lit cars and escort vehicles who just care for nothing more than their “right of passage”.

The “I see you but I don’t” type: This typical behaviour is when a motorist blatantly rides on the wrong side whether it is a 2-wheeler or 3-wheeler or a 4-wheeler is inconsequential. These people have slightly weaker balls (more on this in the next behaviour) and so they do not want to see you in the eye, so you will see them looking everywhere else but straight ahead more often than not looking at some point high above on their left or right. They know they are wrong but hey, they didn’t see you see them so they have the right to get away. This behaviour can be understood by remembering the now Hat wearing politicos who know that they have messed up but will not own up to it but want their way in.

The “I see you, yes I see you, do you know who is my father…” type: Remember the weak balls, this type of behaviour is exhibited by those who have somewhat iron clad balls, nothing fazes them. They will be on the wrong side of the road but they will stare at you defiantly often cowering the other side into submission, because of the baggage they carry: A beacon, security guards or goons and other paraphernalia. This type of behaviour is understood by the 25 times slipper beating politicos of the world whose egos do not permit them to acknowledge that they are in the wrong and because they have the baggage they can get away with it. These people often have the habit of getting their paternity origins confirmed from some rank outsiders because they tend to forget it.

The “I am the boss” type: This is the behaviour where a show of a hand like the symbol of a political party is enough to through the entire traffic into a tizzy on most roads. You will encounter this when someone suddenly decides that the signs above, the stars are perfectly aligned and his auspicious time is right now for him to cross the road always on foot and puts up his hand and walks across the road. The parting of the Red Sea may have happened something like that all those years ago but minus the blaring horns, screeching tyres, cursing motorists etc. This type of behaviour is understood again when we remember the VVIPs who decide it is their right to lord over the people whom they have sworn to serve because they are having the V or the VV behind their descriptions. So the traffic makes way for them to reach their destinations.

The “weary grin” type: This type of behaviour is usually the behaviour of the vast majority who for want of a better option grin and bear when they encounter any or all of the above mentioned types on the road.  Often they get resigned to their fates by statements like:
“This is India!”
“What’s your problem?”
“Is this your grandfather’s road?”
“Do you know who I am?”
“A#$%^&, M!@#$%^&, B%^&*(), F!@@##$&*,W!@#$%$%^”

These are the type of people who often go by the term “common man”, the common man who makes the people above him important, who is part of the public whom the public servants are duty bound to serve, who pays the taxes directly or directly and thereby their salaries and yet grins and bears it.
So what type are you?

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