Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Epilogue - 34 to 45

This is the epilogue for a story that is in the depths of my mind. If you have missed the prologue, you can read it here. If you want to know what happened in between the two keep watching this space.

August 22nd 2015

“Machan! You have not changed! Except for this funny accent Melbourne has not changed you, you are still the man from Mount” said Edwin as he disengaged from the affectionate hug. He gazed at Rajesh with mixed feelings. It was after all a meeting after over 15 years and the first since he heard the news.

“Come home man, I am still not sure why you want to meet here?” said Edwin. “Today would have been our 10th anniversary and I wanted to be here where it all started” said Rajesh.  They both paused as the Beach Tambaram local pulled into the station and people rushed to disembark or board the train. In a few minutes the train pulled out and Rajesh resumed, “Iniya said yes to me here at this soft drink shop when I proposed and I wanted to be here again today”.“I am sorry man, I really am. We never knew what happened. You completely disappeared ever since we heard the news. What happened?” asked Edwin with concern.
“Child birth complications…doctors battled to save one life…I would like you to meet Rajini” said Rajesh looking around to see the curly haired little girl reading a book on the platform bench. “Rajini meet Edwin uncle” he said.“Good morning uncle!” she said with a beaming smile and the resemblance was stunning. Edwin saw that she really was a mix of her parents Rajesh and Iniya. She had the face and eyes of her mother but the nose was unmistakably from her father. She really was RajIni.

“So what are you going to do now?” Edwin asked Rajesh after shaking hands with Rajini. “We are planning to take a train ride to Tambaram and then back to Mount” Rajesh replied. “Shall we go then?” asked Edwin. “I… er… we…” hesitated Rajesh. “I am sorry I just realized I have some work to do, tell you what you go together, I will wait for you when you return” said Edwin.

This was a ride for two persons only. It was only two persons then, it will be two persons today…

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