Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let there be light...

We are living in an intolerant country. Let me get that clearly and emphatically out of the way. While the primary concern earlier was indifference when people did not care about anybody else except themselves these days the politics in both the state and the centre have tilted towards homogeneity depriving us of the beautiful diversity that was something I always learnt and believed in.

Today the rule of “if you are not with us you are against us” and this is having some very sad consequences to many. Differences are the building block of our country and in a nation where some many differences existed to merge into a wonderful collage that is India is now being pushed to a monochrome.

I look back at my early years and I find that the more we have moved ahead the more we have regressed. Light gets dispersed in the prism, it may be hard for people to reconcile to the fact that the seven colours combine to produce  light. We need light for there is no life without light but light is a combination and I would not know how light would be if one or more shades of the VIBGYOR are missing. Will light be light?

I remember fondly my school days when things were simple; I remember lunch times when mothers used to come with lunch for their sons in that boys preparatory school. I remember when we used to enjoy different cuisines lovingly handed out by other mums, we had vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and we had Tamilians, Malayalees, a Bengali, Anglo Indians and so many more eating and sharing. What we did not eat we did not take nor did we impose but we loved the food that others had which was different from our own. Life was so simple those days.

Today there is a desire to build one homogeneous whole with food, clothes, religion, language, behaviour, sexual orientation, political affiliations, caste, community and so many more. In a free country we have to remind ourselves and others constantly that my freedom ends with my nose and so does that of my neighbour. I delighted in our diversity and I still do. I fear for my child that when she reaches the age of reason and adulthood she may never know the India I love.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Valentine's Day love letter

Dear Wonderful,

I am writing this letter knowing that you will not read it, you will overlook this the way you overlooked what we could have been together. I write this letter because though you are no longer here it has not changed the way I feel about you. I love you the same as I loved you when you first swept into my life and it did not change when you crept out my life. Why should it change, just because you changed?

My love was unconditional and is unconditional. It was not based on what you wanted but is full of what I have. I know that it made an impression on you when you said yes and if it did not stop you from leaving then the fault is not in my love because it never changed. It is possible that your expectations did not match reality.

Love is not a contract, though a marriage may be. Love is not give and take, it is simply giving and if you receive in return it is a blessing, if you do not receive and you feel bad about it then it is surely not love.  I still love you for what you are, I am grateful for all the wonderful things that you brought into my life. You taught me that there is life in love and there is a life beyond love. You made me learn more about myself when I was with you and now in my solitude I know that I am a better person than when I started out because I am now aware of who I am and who I can be.

They say that two become one in love or in a marital union, does this not defy nature? One plus one must become two, so if it remains one then somewhere one or both persons reduce to become complete together.  You taught me that I am complete and that while I can reduce myself to accommodate you, I can still exist without you.

I look with fondness at all the good moments that we had together; when I am down they will help bring a smile to my face. The sad moments I will keep aside to remind me that all good things will end and that this too shall pass.

They say people come into life for a reason, a season or a life time. You came in for a reason: to teach me how much I can love, you stayed for a season: to allow me to discover more about myself and you left again for a reason: to make me understand that someone who will share a lifetime is ahead, however if that someone is not coming then there is still a life worth living. A life that is full of love.

You are a wonder for how you have affected me. I wish you well in all that you do and all that you will be in the days ahead.  If we meet again it will be with a smile.

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