Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The day I became...

Life they say is a great teacher, the lessons taught by life and the tests that its throws up are fascinating because we usually tend to forget the successes and wallow in the failures. In forgetting these successes we miss so much.

I stared at the pretty sleep lined face, partly covered by the sheet, the crop of silky hair peeking out and the impish smile on the face that was a result of a pleasant dream and I realized that my forefinger was tightly enclosed by the hand that just emerged from under the sheet. As my wind wandered back in time I remembered that day when I passed another test of life.

Waiting in a hospital is never a pleasant thing especially there is always the fear of the unknown and hospitals are not the cheeriest of places to wait. So as I waited with mixed feelings I was called by name and then the doctor said in cinematic style “Congratulations! it’s a girl.” In that brief moment I saw a baby and even before the thought could sink in the doctor had gone behind closed doors again.

Swept up by the posse of relatives and others who wanted to know every little detail possible the confusions persisted. What had just happened? Am I ready for this? Yes the months of preparation did give an idea of what lay ahead but theory and practice are two different things are they not?

The congratulations kept coming in like a flood and the demands for the pictures kept pouring from all those who knew which ensured that doubts had to be kept aside at least for that moment. Movement of the mother ensured that any thoughts were completely out of mind and much was said in the moments of silence when we waited together.

I was given the baby in my arms and having carried babies before of my cousins and others I carried her easily and yet something felt different this time. I gazed at her as she slept and out of curiosity I gently prodded her hand with my forefinger and like a miracle her tiny fingers closed over it. At that moment I knew without doubt I was a father and I will be the best father to my sleeping princess I can.

Over the years I still keep watching the beauty of those now not so tiny fingers closing over mine and with that reassurance sleeping securely knowing that she is holding her father’s hand. This reminds me how far I have come and how far I must go. There will be a day when these hands may be shy to hold mine and may even scoff that she needs a hand to hold. There will be a day when her hand may hold another hand at the start of another journey of life but till then the hands need to be treasured, treasured with love. From that first time she held my hand and made me become a better person that I was it has been a roller coaster ride but one that must be celebrated especially since her 10th birthday was coming up.

I am not a big fan of shopping and somehow a jewellery shop intimidated me since I am not a big fan of jewellery. I was not too sure of online shopping but when I heard of through the media and when I heard about the parentage of the service from the NAC Jewellers Pvt Ltd, a household name in the jewellery field I decided to give it a try. Their user friendly and attractive site along with one day shipping increased my curiosity. Their discounts were quite attractive and as I browsed through the site my eyes fell on something that I knew would look just wonderful on my princess’ hands. It is on this page As I was about to finalize the purchase in time for my daughter’s birthday ahead, some doubts crept in but when I went back in time to that first time I decided that there are no doubts any more. Now I look forward to seeing the happiness on her face when her gift will reach her. 

This story is part of the Stylori blogging contest, Stylori where style, love and stories come together in beautiful jewellery.

This contest was organized by Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) of which I am a proud member.

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