Thursday, March 06, 2014

Three annoying things...

Driving past the Stella Maris College while always pleasant is even better these days. The beauties outside the campus make you slow down for a second look and are potential traffic hazards. A thing of beauty always warrants a second look and when you have so many of them in one place you can be forgiven if you stop and stare. You move on feeling extremely annoyed and angry with this government for whitewashing the walls of the YMCA and other public buildings.

Improper use or lack of grammar annoyed me no end. These days grammar has been reinvented along with the language being spoken. Among the many Tamizh dialects is Tanglish a forced marriage of Tamizh and English which has become the language most commonly used and understood by the common man in Chennai. Earlier we used to “fying” everything to make the English cousin of a Tamizh word, remember “suttufying” which sounds like shooting but means looting. The latest Idea ad in Tamizh, rather Tanglish is Poo Soothing! Looks like Fy,fy,fy has been tholachufyed.  So does it annoy me? I am not really sure but do I have a choice?

Music can soothe a troubled soul. Good rerecording or back ground score can enhance or destroy the visual experience of a movie or a play. The best back ground pieces that stick are those that stay in the back ground, but then you have the mega serials. Going with the theme of exaggerated expressions on screen the music also gets exaggerated and therefore excessively annoying. As a rule I do not watch mega serials but with generous neighbours around you are always in the midst of a marital discord, scheming in-laws, murderous relatives and so much more. Sometimes you wonder if the viewers are oblivious to the assault on their ears.

P.S. In case you wondered about Stella Maris College

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Susan Deborah said...

So, did your car slow down to see the paintings on the plain walls or the individuals doing the paintings?

Glad to stop by after long.

Joy always,