Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Opposites attract?

Opposites attract. Oh really?

Explain this:
  •     XYZ (BE) weds ABC (BE)
  •       EFG (MBBS) weds UVW (MBBS)
  •       MNO (TCS) weds  JKL  (HCL)

And many more (names changed without any requests). Did you notice a pattern? I have, in many of the weddings that I have attended in the last few years. Of these a great many are arranged marriages where the parents have settled on the best fit. I really wonder if two people of similar conditioning are actually a good fit.

Imagine the scenario when two equals are handled unequal roles post marriage, (you know where I am coming from, since you would have read all the women’s day posts) do you really think that heartburns will not be there? Another risk with similar couples is the potential blurring of the line separating work & home. They may forget where one ends and the other begins. Conversations will be a challenge especially if both bring similar experiences to the table.

If variety is the spice of life, it appears that many weddings today run with the potential risk of the flavour going missing one day. I wish them well and I hope they remain happily married.

I remember my friends who got into relationships during our MBA and ended up getting married, all the 5 couples were opposites. Some examples - An engineer with a hospitality professional,  a soft ware professional with a HR professional,  a sales professional with software professional. 

In college at least opposites did attract, after all is it not a law of nature?

Still have a doubt?

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Susan Deborah said...

Clement, atleast in the beginning opposites seemingly attract but as time goes by too many opposites simply don't gel.

My husband and I are from the same department of English. So much so even our research areas are the same. We've been together some eleven years now and the going has been good. Our areas of research interests, books and other things are almost the same and we enjoy our dinner table conversations. i can't imagine myself with an MBA guy who cannot understand my research and leaning. I don't have to explain myself over and over.

Moreover, variety is the spice of life for certain things not everything.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Susan Deborah: I have seen both sides and I would like to reserve judgement on this. I will be very happy if cases like yours are the rule instead of the exception

The Pseudonym said...

Opposites have much more opportunities to rock. I can't imagine what software professional couples talk about at home? Do they discuss projects and on how to write the best code?

Divia said...

Susan what clem forgot to mention here was the passion and work. Yeah you re right about common grounds/ goals are absolutely necessary. I would say work wise I would become a science teacher and He would be the MBA guy. But the passion to sing, to teach/ train and to write is common passion in both of us that keeps us going.

Forgive me if i seem to support my hubby but i think that is what he meant