Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love is all around - 'CBC's The Valentine's Day's One post One Scene Tag

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I have been giving the honour of finishing this story and for a first timer it was a challenge.



“Good night sweet heart”, said Guru kissing the sleeping Yazhini on her fore head and tucking her into the bed switched off the light.


“Is that your idea of putting a two year old to sleep Mr. Guru?” asked Ahalya in mock anger.


“Yes, I tell her a story and put her to sleep” said Guru with a smile. “A  story? The story of our marriage is hardly something you tell to make a child to sleep and the twists that you make up” said Ahalya with exasperation. “And I have lost count of the twists that keep happening with each telling, and how did you become the savior of the world when you cannot even save a seat for me in the kutcheri last Sunday?”


“Come on Ahalya, is it not more fun or would you prefer that I read to her from your Twilight collection?” said Guru with a chuckle while ducking the magazine Ahalya threw at him.


“You men will never grow up” said Ahalya and sat down with an amused look.


“Guru, do you regret that our romance was not as exciting as you make it sound each night?” asked Ahalya with a worried look on her face.


“Not exciting? Sweetheart you were the last challenge, considering that I had to enter into the hearts of your folks, extended family in the hospital before I entered in to your heart. That was enough excitement for one life time” said Guru.


“I loved you the moment you came in to the hospital and stayed with us right through that crisis. Amma was initially shocked but soon she was so impressed with the way you handled everything in the hospital and the reassurance you kept giving us, she never had the time to wonder when did I meet you” said Ahalya with a smile.


“If your thatha had not been admitted to the hospital and had you not taken the Lufthansa that day… I would have left the airport bitterly disappointed and maybe…” said Guru choking on his words.


“You were quite smart Guru, Amma & Appa were raving about you by the time Thatha was discharged and they were asking me to propose when I finally caved into to their questioning and admitted that you had not asked the magic question” said Ahalya with a smile.


“I love you Ahalya and I thank God for that stroke of fortune, if it were not for Thatha’s stroke I may have lost you” said Guru hugging Ahalya. “I love you too, you idiot” murmured Ahalya in Guru’s arms.


“So tell me do you have any regrets?” asked Guru. “Yes! That house in Hawaii” said Ahalya with a mischievous smile. “Oh, you want to live in Hawaii?” said Guru with concern in his voice. “No silly, for me the heart is always in Chennai” said Ahalya with a smile.


The moment of bliss is shattered by Ms. Yazhini waking up and crying out loud.


“Go and continue the story to your princess, I want to know what new twists are coming up” said Ahalya pushing Guru away. The soundtrack of Notting Hill could be heard...

Ahalya smiled in contentment.


Susan Deborah said...

So very sweet this was. You made all the drama sound like a big fantasy, now.

What a lovely finale! And now officially the CBC Valentine's Day Love Story writing has ended.

Hurrah all the writers!

Joy always,

Aarti said...

Ah.. sweet finish! Btw, love that song :)

Prashanth Ashok said...

Oh no, it has ended ! I dont know if I should be happy or sad

Prasanna said...

I am really glad that you got the last part Clement. So sweet it was. The nottinghill sound track its the icing on the cake. We should celebrate this. :-)..

Prasanna said...

I am glad that you got to write the concluding part Clement. You did super job. You know, I cant write what happens after marriage. The song at the end is icing on the cake. Now its time for celebration.

Sivaranjini Balasubramanian said...

Wow, such a sweet final chapter. Loved the line "for me the heart is always in Chennai". I'm glad you gave a happy ending :)

Thank you so much :) :) :)

Harikrishna said...

*WHistles* :D Super final chapter :) Wish it had kept going on! Hmmm! Treat kudunga pa ellarum :)

Clement Williams said...

@Susan Deborah: Thank You.I wanted to tie up some knots & partially succeded also wanted to end back in Chennai

@Aarti: Thank You. Was a tough choice for songs, so many was around, this just happened

@Prashanth Ashok: Be happy now, we can save the sadness for a tragedy series next

@Prasanna: Thank You, let us celebrate on the Elphinstone

@Sivaranjani Balasubramanian: Thank You, this is the CBC after all

@Harikrishna: How about the readers give a treat to all the writers? Boost kudichu yosichu ezhuthirukom