Monday, February 11, 2013

Why, why, why?

Today there was an automobile collision near office. I will avoid the word accident in deference to Oogway. In this instance it was sheer hara kiri. A two wheeler rider jumped the stop light and ran into a hapless Honda City driver. To my untrained eye the damage appeared like three thousand odd for the Hero Impulse motorbike and at least thirty thousand for the Honda City. The rider is in hospital with minor injuries. This incident brought back a very unpleasant memory which I had forgotten. The picture above is a sad reminder of that memory.

This incident, my incident and several others like these always raise the following questions:

-         Why is the public sympathy for the one at fault? He may have hurt himself but it was his own doing
-         Why are those in cars perceived to be the villains? I do not set out every day with an intention to destroy my car
-         Why are the police procedures so unfair to the victim? Here I am clear that the victim is the Honda City driver
-         Why does this government favour two wheeler riders over others? They do not pay for parking, toll fees etc making a two wheeler more attractive than a car
-         Why are the traffic cops allowing law breakers like these to still roam scot free?
-         If I have no pity for the two wheeler rider, am I evil?

I have been the victim on more than one occasion when for no fault of mine my car has been vandalized by two wheeler drivers and I ended up paying for it thanks to the helpful souls who let the offender go scot free. I am sure that the rider got away today also as he is in the hospital.

I am angry at the injustice in this world.

Why? Why? Why?


Susan Deborah said...

Everyone is angry that they aren't as rich and don't possess a car.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Susan Deborah: with bank loans you do not have to be rich, do you? But it is very depressing

Anonymous said...

I had the same feeling ages ago. Then I realized it is about "Caring more for the less fortunate"

I know it is gonna cost you more, but physically you are least hurt.

Yes, you need a different mind set, to get in to this ball game.

If you observe the Audi, Merc or any playboy ish cars around, do you see zipping around the city.

The Pseudonym said...

it is impeccable logic that the bigger vehicle is always at fault. :) Also those who drive BMWs, Mercs, Audis are so filthy rich that they are plucking the money off trees. They don't have to work to earn. So those people should always be at fault.

All Movie mentality boss that too movies from the techno-color and black and white era.