Monday, February 11, 2013

To dye or not to dye, that is not even the question.


It is ironical that I started my last post with the ass and the next one with the crown, but as they say what goes up must come down so I will continue.

My three year old daughter recently pointed out the conditioner bottle among the many others when I was bathing her, so this will tell you how clueless I am to anything that is cosmetic. My bath soap was suggested by my doctor and the shampoo by my wife. I some how manage with some other basic essentials. My allergy to dust ruled out aerosol sprays so perfumes are ruled out and making life very simple for me. Where I have faced the biggest challenge is hair colour.

I started greying prematurely even while in college while still a teenager, mercifully the greys were few and were concealed and life went on peacefully. I crossed the tweens and entered the phase which increases the BP of many parents, the match making time when my greys brought a frown on my folks. They felt that my stocks in the matrimonial market would be low as I looked old. I got married with grudging support from my folks as I took the decision into my hands but they were not willing to go down without a final fight.

I had to give in to a few of their demands each of which can make a post but the one here was colouring my hair. I agreed and the salon ensured that I looked my age (or so I am told by folks who still have the patience to see my wedding snaps). The salon was a disaster and I may write about it as it again merits a post.

Today I have completed lost the battle to the greys and frankly I do not think it is such a big issue. I do come across some who refuse to acknowledge my real age and who again recheck my head in surprise. My wife understands my aversion to colour and she accepts me for who I am and I am always grateful to that. I know that folks twice my age attempt to look younger than me with regular dyeing sessions that make them look as fake as well never mind. Some folks believe that the crown is the only place that can turn grey. : )

To a person who understands only the basic colours and who will understand every colour is a red or blue or green or yellow or pink or purple or black or brown, grey is a perfectly acceptable colour. I cannot get any younger and I am grateful that I am blessed with a crown of two colours when my genes suggest that I should be having a receding hairline. And to folks who think I am too old, age is just a number, either of us cannot do a thing about it so let us chill.

So will I colour my hair? Maybe, because I know that one day my daughter will bully me into it but will it be black is the question.

P.S. I was born when Morarji Desai resigned as PM, go figure.

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Anya said...

tonsure is also an option

Susan Deborah said...

A debate that always goes on in many households.

I wrote a post on this topic some time ago.

Flaunt your greys if you are alright with it.


Joy always,

vinodvv said...

I am sure you got my reply when you saw me yesterday at the workshop ;)

Clement Williams said...

@Anya: when sottai, go mottai is the plan

@Susan Deborah: flaunting, will flaunt till I get bullied

@vinodv: you are the insspiration for the post actually