Friday, February 15, 2013

Stolen childhood

                                                               (Image courtesy Frontline)

Of late it appears that every other satellite channel has a talent show featuring children. I am not sure how popular these are but I am certain that few people are depriving many children their childhood. Children have been equated with God because they tend to forgive and forget, but by stealing away their childhood they are being made into unfinished imperfect adults too early.

What do you say when a small girl sings a song of seduction to an adoring and spell bound audience and judges? I cringe at the choice of song and the parents who have taught it to their children. The parents who may shy away from sex education are watching spell bound their angel singing rubbish at her tender age. It is not very different for little boys either.

It gets worse on the big screen; minors are made to romance middle aged men twice their age. I am told that the heroines of Kadal and Kumki are below 16. I guess not much can be expected from a nation where child prostitution is rampant. At a time when parents must spend time with their wards teaching them and keeping them safe from abuse from known and unknown people we have those who are either living their failed dreams through their children or simply living off their talented children.

Let children be children, let them reach adulthood in the time charted by nature or better at their own pace. They have a greater right to their future than we do.

What about reality shows? They thrive on TRP so if fewer people watch fewer will be made…


Susan Deborah said...

The picture in the post and the content thought completely unrelated do relate - children of both strata are deprived of their childhood.

While I do appreciate the fact that children get a chance to utilise their talents, the fame and strings that come along with the package do more harm than good.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@susan deborah: It was intentional, some parents live off their kids for various reasons, the reality shows are something like that

indu chhibber said...

You have written very lucidly what i always want to shout whenever i come across such programs while channel hopping.Really parents behave in a mercenary manner even where their kids are concerned--their happiness,their future!

Clement Williams said...

@indu chhibber: It is very painful to watch, i stopped after a few episodes & resolved never again

Clement Williams said...
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Arumugam Easwar said...

Very touching picture. It is time to start a movement against child-labor. But, who will?