Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6 years...

So thanks to Chriz I discovered it is 2190 days since I said I Do. Actually I said I will since the questions were framed as “Will you take… “

The wedding was neither a love marriage as defined nor an arranged marriage and it led to its fair share of complications which are still being resolved.

It has been one long and sometimes difficult journey but as a wise man said it is not the destination but the journey that makes it worthwhile.

The laws of nature ensured that every high was followed by a low and the cycle continued so that it left me grounded and grateful for every moment of togetherness these many days.

The fruit of our love and the apple of our eye will be stepping into school opening a new chapter in our lives and it holds a lot of excitement and challenges for us.

Much was accomplished and heaven willing much more needs to be done but for now it is a time of gratitude and thanksgiving.

I sign off with an earlier post of mine that sums up life post marriage…

“You wake up at dawn and with half open eyes survey the dim surroundings around; the others on the bed are asleep. You spot a very small space near wife dearest, a space that will never be sufficient but you stumble to that side of the bed and snuggle up to drift into bliss. Suddenly you are awakened by a gentle nudge, you open the eyes a little to see two little teeth peeking out in between a cute pair of lips curled into an impish smile topped off by two sparkling eyes. Your heart is filled with warmth as your now not so little bundle of joy looks at you with adoring puppy dog eyes. She manages to squeeze into that small space between her mum and dad and snuggles off to sleep again. You drift off in the tight embrace to something that is closest to heaven on earth with a contented smile... then you hear the alarm. It is Monday. “


Susan Deborah said...

So beautiful the post was, I meant the last paragraph. Those small spaces are treasures, right. I do that snuggling always - with amma, sister and now husband ;)

Sweet times.

Wishing you a blessed and joyous 6th anniversary. May the Lord bless you and shower his choicest blessing on you and yours.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Susan Deborah: Thank you for making my day, its these little moments that make life wonderful.

May God bless you and keep you always.

Ashwini C N said...

Happy Anniversary :-)

I truly loved the last para you'd written. It's all these small things with the family that helps us stay close to each others in our hearts.

Clement Williams said...

@ Ashwini C N: Thank you!!!

Manu said...

Very nice stuff.Really heart touching lines that are includes in the last. para. Thanks for these!