Friday, December 28, 2012

I am Po!!!

Why do I like Kung Fu Panda?

I ask myself this question despite watching it for the Nth time on TV because I just love the lines in the movie. They may not be original but they strike a chord and make the typical good winning over evil formula that much more enjoyable. And when you have a bumbling, stumbling, fat panda as the hero there is no reason to dislike it is there?

And having grown up on a feast of Chinese martial arts movies especially those of Jackie Chan, an animated martial arts movie piqued my imagination even before its release and i had a blast watching it.  Personally I prefer Jackie Chan to the master Lee simply because you can expect comedy and action in good measure and forget the plot. So here we have the typical "Master teach me kung fu" hero, who is so bumbling that it looks highly improbable and for a moment you actually empathize with master Shifu when he despairs at the state of his student Po. The novice is rigorously trained and he defeats the villain to claim his destiny. We have seen it all and yet there is a magic to Po and the movie.

You may have seen this many times but take a few minutes to watch this clip again and enjoy the lines. It can be truly inspiring…

P.S. You sometimes pay big money for a personal effectiveness class which is what you just saw


Susan Deborah said...

Smiling away.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

Thank You Susan, I have restarted blogging thanks to you