Saturday, October 13, 2012


- do people create Gods, make houses for them, charge tickets to see the Gods and make the Gods a spectacle for those who can afford it
- do people never get satisfied with what they have and always look for something more because it always never enough
- do people play with their lives and those of others on the road just to reach their destination a few minutes earlier when it would have been easier and less stressful to start early
- do people always take the shortcut even though the benefit may not always be there
- do people proclaim equality and go around with their caste as their surnames
- do people strive to move ahead by simply pushing down all those around them
- do people make heaps of money by crooked means when they cannot use much of it and will stash it away benefiting none
- do people waste their lives for a better future when the present is just slipping by
- do people think they can always outsmart the world and get away with it too
- do people think that they can be strong by just crushing the weak
- do people who build the most beautiful houses survive with just a plastic sheet for their homes
- do people destroy this world which they never owned but just borrowed from their children
- do people do the things that they do and blame the world for the consequences
- do people forget that selfless will make the self only greater
- do people forget it is the little things of life that make life worth living and that the little things are usually free

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