Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to my blog

Its been so long since I blogged that I did not even check the date of last post, feeling terribly guilty already. Much water has flown under the bridge since, woman power in full force with Didi and Amma storming to power. Corruption is on every bodys' lips now, so what is new, just that some big heads are rolling but the full effect is yet to happen and I am eagerly awaiting it.

On the personal front the long awaited promotion has happened and now, it is time to move on, sadly the job market is so bad it is better to rot here that venture out.

My first entrepreneurial step bombed, partly to bad planning, poor execution and extremely bad timing, but I think I have written off the loss and now having been bitten by the urge, have started dreaming of the next step already.

I have also got my own piece land in the city all of 400 odd sq ft of it, my share of UDS for a new flat in one remote corner of the city of Chennai in a village few have heard off, frankly I hadn't either till I saw the ad online. At the price and the value it offered me, I think I got myself a good deal. Unsurprisingly the adjacent project by the same builder is already being prices 400 bucks higher in under 6 months.

My bundle of joy is getting to be two years old and is a terror standing around 2 feet. She is enough to bring a smile on my weary face, each time she comes running to the door and jumping into my arms with a million watt smile, and that impish smile melts all anger each time she plays truant much to D's irritation. But after all the daughter is the apple of her dad's eye isn't it?

Work has never been better with deal closure happening faster than before, actually the fruit of the labour of years past is now yielding. So no complaints there.

God has been extremely good to us and it is so humbling to know that despite my infidelity to Him, He has been so faithful, loving and merciful.

Its good to be blogging again and I think i should blog more, so what if it is blocked at work (most of my blogs were at work). I hope to keep posting even if my ratings dont climb and even if nobody reads my blog, I blog because I like it.