Friday, January 29, 2010

Back from a break again

Off late I am constantly finding new excuses for not updating my blog; well here are the latest additions…

- My mum gave away Melisaa when I was not around, not her fault entirely but some people came over willing to adopt, they fell in love with her instantly and took her away. After 8 years it took some time to come to terms with the fact that I will not have Melissa welcoming me home ever again. For a week we were all going around with a lump in our throats, but last heard that Melissa has settled down and is apparently happy in her new home.
- Visited Andhra Pradesh (no Telengana) and was occupied completely with the increasing list of clients to be serviced
- Trinity has completed 4 months and is monopolizing a lot of time at home
- Nathan (my god son and nephew) got baptized and the festivities and social obligations took up a lot of time
- Have purchased 500 each of all available properties in the New Your tier and am getting insane amounts of money so much that I’m contemplating retirement since have upgraded all businesses in Cuba and Russia also. Maybe Bangkok will amuse me, but that passport I got did not work. And yes I am at level 151+
- Am at level 41 and growing forget me not last time I saw. After successfully snaring D into it (she was at 18 when I last checked) my farm is tended even in my absence. Needed another 100000 coins to upgrade to 24 X 24, will do it on my return
- The usual suspects of tardiness and writer’s clock seem to be working in collusion with each other
- Have been a little tired too
- Now in Telengana and the disputed capital and disappointed that it is relatively calm and in the midst of some exhausting interviews
- Just realized that this Sunday is crammed with social visits that though unimportant are necessary.

Just managed to pen a few lines even if they are just excuses. Excuse me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Colour, colour, what colour do you choose?

It is always good to have a week end break to recharge the batteries. Among the interesting happenings over the weekend was the one campaign on Facebook that was quite amusing.
So to those guys in the know, (I hazarded a guess after the third status message and got it right after Googling), they now know what the colours actually were. Ranging from the usual blacks, whites and a red that drew a few oohs and aahs from other women, quite a few young ladies dared to show or actually tell their true inner colours. Among the colours was the striped variety contributed by my dear friend Jack sparrow who thinking it was a fad jumped into the fray with his version only to realize that it would look rather queer on him. And another well meaning friend who supported the cause felt that he should contribute white because his vest is usually of that shade. The TOI as usual came up with some more exotic varieties in its issue.

If it must be colour then go for pink, I mean the ribbon, gloves or even caps and while the Pak team looked a little queer I must appreciate their commitment to the cause. And to those men still snickering around it said that the cancer is not a female domain but affects men too, so be warned.
If you are still wondering what I’m rambling about,

read this.

This week the Chennai Sangamam is back and though Tower park is not being used this year, I have the choice of Bougainvilla or Thiruvika parks to choose from and Kerala, Madurai and Dindugal cusines to savour, so it is going to be a fun filled week. To those who have never experienced the Sangamam, it is a must see, do not miss it.

Friday, January 08, 2010

In the rain

Driving by the Marina in the rain around half past noon, I noticed a few couples lost in love (I hope) enjoying the wonderful weather.

One couple caught my interest, the guy was dressed in formals and had a salesman bag slung around his shoulder, the girl was in a salwar with the dupatta draped around her head, they were walking towards the sea from their bike parked on the shoulder of the road. They were getting drenched and kept going all the while the guy had a folded umbrella in his hands.

Saw another couple standing under a small umbrella in the classic pose of lost in each others eyes oblivious to the downpour around.

Real life so often throws up such gems that no movie can

Thursday, January 07, 2010

On a day like today


- The newspaper reports that a Deputy Commissioner of Customs was caught by the CBI accepting a bribe hold your breath of Rs. 2500. I remember reading about the arrest of quite a few officials with much higher sums of money at the airport and last heard they are out on bail. So what will happen to this person who got caught for 2500 rupees?
- Is the start of the road safety week and many well meaning school kids were standing at road corners holding small placards with very well meaning statements. Just realized that not only are they risking their life and limbs to our notorious traffic but they are potential traffic hazards the same as the now banned hoardings
- A pathetic duo on a TVS 50 casually drove the entire stretch of the long flyover in T. Nagar on the wrong side aiming to save 200 meters and made my blood boil over
- A desktop calendar with pics of baby Trinity adorns my workstation and is drawing admirers in droves
- I was supposed to be in Hyderabad of Telengana but since Andhra was boiling over I have decided to stay back
- I wrote a letter and found that my writing has become near illegible, my lovely new fountain pen not withstanding
- Boss has sounded out the first warning about the impending performance review which is next week!!!
- Is Thursday, the day before Friday, the wait for the weekend has begun.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Best Wishes


I will start this post with a few lines sent by Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan to the Chennai Photowalk mailing group on Facebook :

“…January 1 is not going to be drastically different from Dec 31, or heck, even Dec 1. It's not the birth of new life - spring is. It's not a new season. It's not a new beginning. It rarely is the beginning of anything new. Months change every 28-30 days. SO, January 1 is no special month's start.

My life will not change tomorrow. Neither will those of many I know. My outlook, my thoughts, my viewpoints don't change. I am not going to magically become thinner, stronger, funnier, or more talented. I will most definitely not win any lottery/beauty pageant next month, much less the next day…”

I will break off here because in a few lines it sums up the day that went by.

A few learnings from the New Year eve and New Year day that I thought I will share with you

- SMS will be charged on big days and so prudence will spare the bank
- Eating out is not a good idea on these days as it is expensive and the noise and crowd can make it a forgettable experience
- Eating out a la carte is still better than the exotic spreads
- Driving is best avoided as it is a very popular activity for most of the city
- Community spots like parks, beaches etc will suffocate you and leave you gasping for space and breath
- High spirits are good for you, provided you get them from Church or other places of worship and they will come free and you are not likely to get bounced after your highs
- Home is still the best place to be whether it is the first or the last day provided it is not just brick and concrete but a structure founded on love
- Time spent with the loved ones if still the best gift that can be given and it is as pleasing to receive
- “The time is always right to do what is right” – Martin Luther King Jr, so one does not have to wait for one day to make resolutions after all nobody waits for a day to break them

So am I against the New Year revelry, no? I just felt that commercialization has robbed the day and so many other days of their beauty. It was funny to note that while one was enjoying a holiday and burning up money to celebrate it, another was working hard to get that money into his pocket. Those businessmen are having the last laugh and the joke is on those who fell into the money trap.

I was extremely saddened to hear that people died celebrating the New Year. The cause of death was automobile accident. I had already written earlier that these accidents were suicides in disguise. People who care less for their lives pay for it on the road. I noticed a woman wear that ear muffs as she rode her two-wheeler while a helmet dangled behind. A new year has dawned but some things will never change.

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and grace filled new year.