Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here and there again

I delayed my food in the morning for a "domestic" issue, why do I not merit news space? 1) Its just domestic or 2) it wasn’t 6.5 hours?

Twitter does not give you that many words but that is my status message as of now. Actually this was the story of yesterday when I was upset over something and ate late, I thought it was no big deal but then I realized had I stretched to 6.5 hours I may have eaten up so much airtime on the news channels. But I had two things against me 1) you need to fast for an international issue; old issues like water don’t wash any more 2) you need to be a celebrity political or otherwise. And hey D ensures that I never go out of food always and I love her for that also.

I was actually oblivious to the soap that unfolded yesterday till I heard from dad that there were some miscreants expressing their feelings for their fasting leader by hurling a few stones around in Coimbatore. By the time I checked the online news, the opera ended. I guess this fast has belittled the latter part of my earlier post.

Since I have decided to blog on the IPL let me say that I’m having a lot of fun reading fake IPL player than the action on the field which at times gets very boring. Honestly the matches are getting wearisome and most of the little magic out there is being dished out by the veterans and the pensioners.

The divas are smiling again with their teams winning and it is a better sight though strangely both of them are without their men. The King is finding his dreams go up in his cigarette fumes, maybe he should kick both. CSK my favourite team and one of the better balanced team is shooting itself in the foot. Albie is at times bowling the team out of winning positions because he bowls to the batsmen’s strengths, at their legs. The Think tank has to wake up to the power of slow bowling and try out Ashwin, if Raina can, surely he must have a hope. And Dhoni can try bowling, right now anything and everything must be explored.

The commentary as already mentioned hurts and often I think its better to mute the TV at all times and not just when the ads run. Couldn’t help noticing that the camera pans at the legs and often from below each time the cheer leaders come on. I’m not sure if that is to boost flagging TRP’s. I have a sneaky suspicion that this series will implode soon, because it is lacking something and everything that comes on TV looks very farcical. It just looks like a large scale reality show that is stage managed.

This morning I had the good fortune of seeing Captain (now you understand the picture) spouting his lines in chaste Hindi in a dubbed flick on Set Max. Not a bad idea in itself considering the fact that Captain had inaugurated the Delhi branch of his party a few months earlier, he may work his magic there too. After all he is a national treasure and after so many movies trying to save the country he may actually have something there.

Before I sign off, elections are on and another phase is happening tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote, its our right and our duty. Jaago Re!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here and there

As promised, I will start with the IPL. This season looks to be more balanced and matches will be more evenly contested making for interesting viewing. The sore points that stick out and make the viewing painful in no particular order and my suggestions to improve viewer delight:

• The time outs that border on insanity just to accommodate ads fool no one, if it is tactical then here is my option, offer both captains a time out of 5 minutes max that they may take at their convenience like few other sports. Then it will become tactical as a captain may use it to change or break the opponents’ momentum and will add a new twist to the bikini version of cricket.

• We don’t want Ms Zinta mouthing shit every time a wicket falls, for variety she can maybe try some other profanity that cannot be lip read by the viewers

• The extraaa long discussions before, in between and after the match with a bunch of old wise men in Hindi bore you to death despite all their words of wisdom. Frankly these people are better off doing Hindi commentary on radio and do not have the camera presence or the gift of the gab to keep the weary audiences entertained

• Ms. Noodle straps who has since ditched the straps for strapless clothes and has also ditched quite a lot of weight looks a pale and tired shadow of herself and seems due for a well deserved retirement, though she seems to have become very knowledgeable about cricket over the years

• Mr. Cheeka trying to speak Hindi with a disgusting accent every time his inputs are solicited on the Super Kings

• The commentators who seem to be grinding the same flour repeatedly (you must know the Tamil proverb to appreciate this) with a few stale set phrases that makes you wish for Sidhuisms again. Try these, “this match will go down to the wire” or “like a tracer bullet” or “ho ho ho”. Thankfully Harsha is back again with his brand of speak easy that is so pleasing to the ear. More of him please.

• Ms. Duckworth and Lewis have left many a broken heart in their wake, time we find a better alternative for their algorithms or better still lets play the match again in the sun some other time.

You may have seen the “Bell Bajao” series of ads that were on TV recently. If you have missed them let me share with you the plots.

Plot 1: It basically is shot in a normal middle class colony where a few kids are playing cricket when suddenly they hear the noise of a woman wailing and her husband beating her, the kids get disturbed and then walk up to the house and ring the bell. The beating stops and after a while the door opens showing the husband, the kids ask him for their ball, he looks around and says there is no ball when the kids show him that they have the ball in hand.

Plot 2: Yet another closed door from when the sounds of wife beating resounds, suddenly the bell rings when the husband opens there is a rough looking man who asks for sugar / milk (can’t remember) when the husband returns the man has disappeared.

The ads conclude that when you hear or see domestic violence you can take a stand to stop it by doing something simple like even ringing the bell.
But people who are reading this please note that you must ring the bell of the house where the abuse is happening.

Now somebody tell this to those who are planning to strike tomorrow for a bigger case of domestic abuse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One way to beat work lows

Why is it Good to You Tube and Facebook at Work?

Watch it

and if you are not convinced read about it.

PS been a little lazy to blog, now that IPL is on may start blogging on it.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Work lows

“If there is a red carpet awaiting the boss at a client it’s probably because it is our blood on the floor…”

The above statement came out inadvertently during an office conversation and is reflective of the frame of mind that I find myself lately. Having 3 major setbacks in quick succession, basically deals lost to competition even with a superior offering can hurt and hurt real bad. When the deals were lost for reasons that seem illogical, you wonder what is happening around you. And when you take the rap simply because there is no one else, it can’t get any worse.

In the middle of the Holy Week, slow realization dawns that if it can’t get any worse it can only get better.