Thursday, November 20, 2008

Through the lens of a Sagem MY700X

Was in Studio5 earlier, I saw these lights and wanted to see if my camera – phone could capture it. I guess it did.

If you thought that only the brainy fruits got into Anna University, look again you will see many fruit eaters too.

Presenting Melissa in D’s tee. Poor M had to undergo a surgery earlier and being the restless being that she is (like her owner), she kept ripping her bandages apart. The vet suggested that we can try putting on a shirt minus the collar as a restrainer for her bandages. D went one step higher and pulled out her tee and voila.
P.S It was an effective solution, the bandages survived this time.


Chriz said...

my first crush's name is melissa.. hehe.. paavam andha doggy! andha shirt poattu enna paadu padudho?!

Trinity said...

hey when did you take the snap at Anna Uni..

!! Oxymoron !! said...

And she looks pretty hep!!!