Sunday, October 19, 2008

Breathe Easy!

Being a teetotaler, bars and other watering holes have no appeal for me except for the fact that they are sources of great entertainment. You just cannot imagine the crazy things that inebriated people do; well everything except puking all around their antics are a whole lot of fun. However the main reason I stay away from night spots is that the smoke kills me. Did I forget to mention that I don’t smoke too? The divine forces intervened to give me an allergy to smoke especially the carcinogenic kind, so smoky places are a big no, no.

I met up a couple of friends in Escape, the bar (ok pub if you please) in Green Park, Hyderabad. I was so happy to find that I could actually breathe easy Thanks to Mr. Anbumani and even better see other people in the darkness. The turn off though was the music dished out by the resident DJ. It ranged from “Heal the World” to “The reason” and even when we were left pondering if Escape was a gay joint considering that we could not see a single member of the fairer sex around Dire Straits made a stealthy entry only for the CD to get stuck. We had fun and the best part was we had the Happy Hour tariff, with a tag line that ran “You buy one, we give you one, you buy one, we give you one… till you decide to stop”. The “One” in question was either RC or Fosters for the curious. With my talent to nurse one orange juice even for hours I lessened the burden of the bill.

If I can breathe easy and get some great entertainment at Happy Hour rates I don’t mind pub hopping in future, but yes I would prefer that the DJ’s realize that Happy and Gay may not exactly mean the same thing especially when it comes to music.


Chriz said...

cool one.. i am enjoying the calm phase of life too.. anbumani ramdoss really rocks.. i saw his interview in vijay tv the other night , and boy he is indeed such a gentle man

rantravereflect/ jane said...

haaaaa :)

orange juice.. ya must be kidding!

how i love happy hours.. but i dun enjoy fosters or rc, i'm a cocktail, tequila, vodka, golconda fan ;)

LOL at happy n gay!

like the floor in escape, never been there when crowded though:)