Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seen and heard @ Hyderabad

Seen: A new housing project in Hyderabad called (can you believe it?) "Space Station 1", the project has been promoted by the Alien's group (sic). They invite people to become an alien. Whatever will they think of next. Makes you wonder if people have become so short of ideas.

Heard: Actually this was heard during the train journey to Hyderabad. I usually tend to be serenaded by the clatter of the rails that tend to put me off to sleep. The rail track lullaby was rudely overshadowed by a thunderous noise, which grew in cacophony as more sources of the sound joined in. In all my life I have never heard such loud snoring and that too in a chorus! I had nightmares in my sleep from thunderstorms to earthquakes with accompanying sound effects.

Seen: I'm a little wary of the rains in Hyderabad as when it rains it floods the city so when the heavens opened up while I was in an auto I was just a bit uneasy. My unease increased when the auto driver refrained from using the windshield wiper sitting proudly on the windshield. My doubts were laid to rest when the auto driver parked his auto and manually dragged the wiper back and forth to clear the raindrops. Talk about manpower Vs battery power.

Heard: Hyderabd is a lousy place to live in. Coming from a resident of nearly three years, I was a little curious. But my friend went on to explain that the people are too laid back and act like the Nizams of old, worse the high cost of living is making normal people yearn to be Nizams too! All said and done, Namma Chennai pola varuma?

PS: The 369th Birthday of Madras (I still prefer that name) passed us by on the 22nd of August.


Trinity said...

Sounds like that gangai amaren s song sorgamae endralum athu namma oru polla varuma?

but its very true :)

Sowmya Ramesh said...

Well said!!! After having spent almost a quarter of a decade in hyderabad, I dont regret that i passed that comment.