Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jollyroger rocks on 91.1

Radio City was asking its listeners to come up with the nicest thing you can say to someone who drives horribly and makes your blood boil. You know the typical candidate who regularly sets your blood pressure through the roof with some mad, reckless and law breaking feats on whatever he commutes. (Please note that he is used to generalize the human race and “she”s are not excluded)

To me the nicest thing I can think of is “Excuse me, why are you in front of my car, when you should be actually under it?”. Now you know why I did not participate in the dial-in.

When I was pondering over something more subtle and yet hard hitting to say, my mind wandered to that night when during one of my late night drives with Dave (, D ( and friends; Dave just rolled down the window and screamed at the top of his voice “Your mother is a Giraffe” at some hapless passerby. It was not the most polite, witty, hard hitting, obscene, whatevayoumacallit thing to scream at anyone, but it was so incredibly funny! That poor chap was so flabbergasted and shocked to move. As for us, we were actually rolling in laughter and for once I felt nice after screaming at some one.

Moral: Scream if you must at the idiots who make your blood boil, but if it makes you laugh it is worth the effort.

PS: I got into Radio city twice on Thursday. 1) For telling Craig my idea of a great alternative employment is a “Professional French Kiss tutor for women” in the morning show because of my experience as a French tutor earlier.
2) For telling Solomon & Sharmilee in the evening show that the best new form of transport in Chennai is “Terrace 2 Terrace ht air balloon service” keeping in mind that there are many terraces and lots of hot air in Chennai.

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Trinity said...

i tell you can go on shouting at people with no effect at all! people are not sensitive... so i doesnt affect them!