Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blog to (in)fame

If you missed Anuradha Sen Gupta’s blog on Shivaji, read on….

Who is Anuradha Sen Gupta? Well till she wrote her blog was just another journo-presenter in CNN IBN.

What is her claim to fame? One blog: where she writes “Shivaji, The Boss of Crap”. She went on to give her “personal opinion” on the movie. She does this after not understanding a word of the language.

What happened next? 1724 comments to her blog and they were so acidic that Ms. Sen had to eat her words. Then she tried literally stuff the shit back into the horse, by issuing some silly retractions. Finally she retreated to the point of saying that her comments will be moved to a personal blog in future.

I’m not an opponent of free speech, but what Ms. Sen did was silly. By calling the phenomenon as crap she has single-handedly mocked all those who made the phenomenon what it is. Whatever the movie may be, it still is nothing that India has seen till date. A true barometer of any movie is the box office and what is the box office? A simple count of the number of moviegoers who see the movie. Pity that a movie from the only supposedly “Superstar” of Indian filmdom does not get equated so, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Remember Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was released despite the trade warning the producers that it was parallel to the Shivaji release. The producers banked on their star and went bust.

The punch line for this debate is from a viewer on IBN who writes:

"I like Rajini because he is a Superstar who has grown from being a bus conductor... while there is another superstar who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is now trying to be a peasant."


The Black King said...

At least she managed to get the required amount of traffic to the website!

rebel said...

By calling the phenomenon as crap she has single-handedly mocked all those who made the phenomenon what it is

Very true. These people do not understand how a balding, dark actor could demand so much attention! Well, you got to be a tamilian to appreciate what he is

JollyRoger said...

Hey rebel, Rajini has a fan club in Japan and they dont speak Tamil! ; )

Oxymoron said...

I didnt like the fact that she doesnt understand the language, yet had the gall to call it crap. I dont particularly idolize Rajinikanth (esp after his Padaiyappa movie, he and his sexist statements!!)but I do think that, that man has got Charisma, with a capital C. And anyone who brushes it past, should try being a bus conductor in bangalore, quit the livelihood and come to Madras, learn tamizh, act as a second fiddle, be a villain, flip a cigarette(now gum) in the air and get it right in the mouth, then flip sunglasses, become a star, beome a great star, become a super star and THEN, let them say whatever they have to say!
Though I must say, that Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is my single most favorite part of being an Indian!